Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

— Izaak Walton

A word from Lexie…

I’m Alexis Arralynn, the producer/host of the podcast “When the Bough Breaks”. Each episode is a peek into the life of a person who has found themselves in no contact with, or “estranged” from one or both parents and sometimes their entire family!

Being an estranged adult child myself for several years now, I have developed a passion for this project and I am hoping the listeners who are estranged will gain support from others like themselves, and for all other listeners to gain understanding of what being estranged is really like for adult children and their families and all the feelings that get mixed in.

We will be discussing with our guests the events that led up to the estrangement as well as sub topics that seem to branch from estrangement such as family trauma, divorce, drug abuse ect…

Our podcast is meant to be used not only as a support tool for the estranged,  but also an informative tool for those gaining more insight on how estrangement happens and how it effects those involved.

Estrangement is still a very taboo topic within our society. Our guests are real people who have made the choice to bravely speak about their experience with estrangement in a candid way. I extend my gratitude to them.

If you would like to follow us on our journey, please follow our podcast facebook page to receive blog updates and release information for the podcast.

Thank you for reading!